Custody Case

My wife of 20 years took our 14 year old son James and moved somewhere in
Upstate NY. I hired Tom Rudolph with Ernest Ryan Investigators to find where
they had moved to so that I could have a relationship with my boy. In the
meantime, my soon to be ex-wife, called the local police and lodged false
harassment charges against me. She did this so that she could get an order of
protection and try to make me into a monster. Investigator Rudolph did locate my
ex-wife in the Albany, NY area. Through constant surveillance of her relatives, he
was able to learn that was a party for one her of siblings. Mr. Rudolph followed my
wife to her new residence and was eventually able to video and photograph her
and my son at several events. He also obtained important documentation that
showed she registered my son at a private school and stole thousands of dollars
from our joint account months before she even left. Eventually, through several
court appearances, we were able to show how devious she was and I was awarded
custody. My son and I have a great relationship now and I feel I owe it to Thomas
Rudolph’s relentless work. He never gave up and even went to court with me. The
charges of harassment were dropped. Pat, Gym Coach-Long Island, NY.

Cheating Spouse

My husband and I are both doctors at the same hospital. Unfortunately, about five
years into our marriage and just after our Sara was born, I had a feeling something
just was not right. He started going out after work, spent more time at the gym and
less time with us. I hired Ernest Ryan Investigators to look into it. Mr. Rudolph
conducted surveillance of my husband on many dates. My husband was very
careful. Eventually, we found out that he was having an affair with a close friend of
mine. Investigator Rudolph provided me with photographs and video of the two of
them going to a motel during the daytime and later going to dinner. I understand
that we now have a no fault clause for divorce in NY State, but I just needed to
know for my own piece of mind. The evidence that investigator Rudolph obtained
helped at the time of divorce because my husband wanted to spare his reputation.
Janice, Kingston, NY.

Property Dispute

The land I have been farming on for 30 years was actually leased with a buyout
clause from a neighbor on a handshake agreement. Unfortunately, that neighbor
recently passed and the nursing home he was in was now taking this land and
selling it. I hired Ernest Ryan Investigators to assist with the situation. Thomas
Rudolph was able to locate some old farmhands that were still living and were
aware of our agreement and obtained notarized sworn statements from them.
Eventually, I also hired an attorney and with this evidence, the court honored the
buyout clause and I was able to purchase the land. I was really impressed with the
work performed.  James and Kim, Fort Edward, NY.


I own a small construction company just outside of Kingston, NY. I had an
employee, John that said he hurt his leg at work. Another employee of mine told
me that he saw John working out at  a local gym. I only had the minimum required
insurance for my business. Anyway, I hired Ernest Ryan Investigators to conduct
surveillance on John. Within a few weeks, investigator Rudolph obtained several
videos that showed John working out, working for himself and Jet Skiing. As soon
as I presented this to my attorney, the civil lawsuit was dropped and John is now
facing charges. Thanks. Sammy, Ellenville, NY.

Custody Case

I hired Ernest Ryan Investigators because my son’s mother had custody of him and
was trying to block me from seeing him. I knew that she had a drinking problem
and used drugs. It didn’t matter to family court. They just awarded custody to her
because she was the mother and was at home more than I was. It seemed that I
was being penalized because I was working for a living. Anyway, I hired
investigator Rudolph to see if he could get evidence of her way of life. Rudolph
found that she was drinking and going out pretty regular. In addition to getting
video, he interviewed some neighbor’s and obtained written statements that
supported her habits and neglect of my son. It took a while, but I did get custody
of my son and his mother has to have supervised visits. I feel that he is in a better
place now.   Charles, Scarsdale, NY.

False Charges

My name is Tim and I was arrested for assault in 2013 during a house party. I was
at the party, but I was not drinking and did not hit anyone. Someone was hit with a
bottle and they had to get stitches. I told the police when they arrived that I was
not involved. I later found out, that the cousin of the one that committed the
assault told the police that I did it. The police just didn't want to hear my side of
the story. My sister hired a private investigator to help me while I was sitting in jail.
I later found cut that it was Thomas Rudolph. I am writing this to tell people that
he found at least 5 people that gave him statements saying I wasn't involved. He
also got someone to come forward to give testimony identifying the person that
broke the bottle at the party. I know a lot of people say they are innocent, but I
really was and Thomas Rudolph proved that. I lost my job because and part of my
reputation because someone did not want to take the time and sort things out from
the beginning.   Tim, Chatham, NY.
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