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Ernest Ryan Investigators is, first and foremost, dedicated to its customers.

Investigators work one on one with clients until the truth is recovered

Our company employs only experienced investigators who share a superior
work ethic and the highest degree of professionalism. They include an array
of active and retired police officers, detectives, and experienced civilian
investigators who have access to state-of-the-art technology.

We provide insurance fraud surveillance and investigations. We tackle
criminal and civil liability investigation, accident investigation, missing
persons complaints, identity theft, computer crimes, adultery suspicions,
corporate crimes, and pre-employment verification. We carry out
individual background profiles and pre-marital verification, and we supply
personal security escorts. We offer certification of accident reconstruction,
forensics, photography and the handling of hazardous material.        

Our investigators, who update their training regularly, specialize in report
writing and interviewing.
No job is too small. We are located 10 minutes from the capital of NY and
have investigators all over the United States.

We have special pricing packages that include flat rates and are
all-inclusive of surveillance, travel, mileage, video transfer, clerical and

We at Ernest Ryan take pride in our work and look forward to doing
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Are you seeking a Private Detective in Lake Placid who also offers Process Service? Process Service has to be served by an individual who is not related to the case, and Ernest Ryan Investigators can provide this service in Lake Placid. We can provide Private Detective services for everything from infidelity suspicions to nanny cams. Everything is handled in a confidential, prompt and professional manner.

Process Service is when legal documents such as complaints, subpoenas, and other court documents are delivered to the individual to whom the legal document is directed. A provider of Process Service also delivers or serves the legal documents to a local Lake Placid defender or someone else involved in the court case. The process server must also serve the documents in accordance with the legislation in Lake Placid. They must also prove that the documents have been served. The process server often doubles as a Private Detective, and can provide surveillance, skip trace, and many other detective services. Ernest Ryan Investigators can provide Process Service efficiently, as well as Private Detective services.

Even though the Process Service sounds simple enough, the process can be complicated in different areas, including Lake Placid. You'll want to work with a Private Detective who can take care of your legal documents quickly and efficiently so your case can move forward. There are many requirements related to Process Service, and they vary from state to state and county to county. A good Private Detective will be very adept at following everything in accordance with the law. At Ernest Ryan Investigators, we're knowledgeable about the entire processes in Lake Placid.

We have over 60 years of combined experience providing Process Service and Private Detective services in Lake Placid. We always maintain open communication during your Process Service to ensure that everything follows Lake Placid requirements, so your case will not be hung up and pushed aside. Get the results you want with your case; hire a Private Detective that can help you anywhere in the United States with 24/7 office hours: Ernest Ryan Investigators.