Ernest Ryan Investigators, LLC   
Private Investigator in New York
Over 30 years experience! New York State Licensed, Insured and Bonded.
Private Investigator Serving Columbia County and the upper Hudson Valley
Region. Owned and Operated by Thomas Rudolph. With years of experience,
Thomas has not only gained priceless knowledge in this field, he has adapted to
the most State-of-the-art technologies to accomplish his investigative goals.
Trained in interview technique, covert surveillance and as an evidence
specialist, Thomas is considered one of the best in NY State.

We specialize in criminal defense, child custody, infidelity, insurance claims,
missing persons, fraud, false charges, skip tracing and background searches.


Upstate NY    518- 477-0165

Toll free 800-613-3832

1 Hudson City Centre, Suite 305, Hudson NY 12534
Thomas Rudolph
Owner and Licensed Private Investigator
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Memberships: NALI, ALDONYS & USAPI